Department of Management

The Bachelor of Arts in Management at MY-MLC aligns with the national harmonized curriculum, ensuring that graduates are equipped with skills and knowledge tailored to the socio-economic landscape of the globe. The program is aimed at producing graduates who have adequate knowledge, skills, and attitude towards the application of management concepts. It prepares students to become professional managers capable of executing various managerial functional areas, including Human Resources Management, Information System Management, Marketing Management, Operations Management, Materials Management, and Financial Management. In addition to the program's core components, it integrates various supporting subjects such as Law, Information Technology, Quantitative Techniques, and Economics relevant to the Management agenda.

The comprehensive curriculum ensures that students gain a well-rounded understanding of management principles, fostering their readiness to navigate and contribute effectively to the dynamic business environment of Ethiopia and beyond.



Department Chairperson: Mr. Gemechu Eyasu

Tel: +251927228882


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