Department of Distance Education (DoDE)

MYS CoTS Department of Distance Education (DoDE)

DODE is a theological department established within MYS to serve the EECMY and trainees from other Christian denominations. The main task of the College is to train pastors, church leaders, teachers, evangelists, administrators, and the laities. The purpose of these courses is to equip and empower Christians to relate their studies with contemporary Christian life, worship, and ministry within that Ethiopian context and beyond.

DODE designed these courses to deliver biblical and theological education at Diploma and BA Degree levels. These programs are relevant to the furtherance of the ministry of the church. Also, it will contribute to the well-being of society at large.

  • Vision

To be a center of excellence and high-quality distance education provider in biblical studies and theology in Ethiopia and beyond.

  • Mission Statement

The mission of MYS-DODE is to establish Christians in the word of God, the Scripture, for a responsible witness of the crucified and risen Lord, Jesus Christ, through their faithful word and lives, ministry, and worship of the Triune God in His world.

  • General objective

The general objective is to deliver high-quality education in Christian theology and ministry through distance education to church ministers and members unable to attend the residential theological education.

  • Specific objectives
  1. Demonstrate a broad understanding of the Scripture, confessing its authority, and demonstrating the ability to interpret it correctly.
  2. Actively participate in the congregational ministry with their God-given talents shaped by the Scripture and empowered by the Holy Spirit.
  3. Understand and embrace the role of the servant minister and the New Testament model of the congregation and its commitment to the scriptural mission, discipleship-making, worship, education, and diaconia.
  4. Keep the doctrinal, theological, and structural unity of the EECMY.


  • Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are based on the Ethiopian college and university entrance points of each year. Those students who did not fully qualify the Ethiopian government university and college entrance and with ministry experience for several years in a congregation may be enrolled as mature entry according to ACTEA regulations upon the written request of the congregation/local church.


  • Diploma Program in Theology
  1. 10th grade complete with a minimum result of 1.5 in grade 10 national examination
  2. Grade 12 students who took ESLCE earlier the 1994 Ethiopian Education policy (6+2+4) and scored above 1.5 - 1.8.
  3. With the 2019 Ethiopian Education and Training Policy (6+2+4) + GPA enabling to enter TVET in accordance with the government’s periodical decision of each year.
  4. Passing the written entrance examination and oral interview.
  5. BA Degree in Theology
  6. Grade 12 students who took ESLCE before the 1994 Ethiopian Education policy (6+2+4) and scored above 1.8 GPA (female) and 2.0 GPA (male).
  7. With 1994 Ethiopian Education and Training Policy (8+2+2), 10+2 years of preparatory or grade 12 according to the 2019 Ethiopian Education and Training Policy (6+2+4) + GPA enabling to enter higher education in accordance with the government’s periodical decision of each year.
  8. 10+ 3 or 4 levels with a minimum of three COC passing grades, this includes TVET in accordance with the government education policy.
  9. 10+3 years regular diploma in theology from recognized colleges or seminaries.
  10. 10+2 years Bible school certificate with an average grade above 85 % plus 2 years of regular diploma in theology. This can be including candidates who come from other evangelical churches.
  11. MYS, DODE (CoDE), and TEE diploma graduates.
  12. Passing the entrance examination; written and oral interview.





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