MYS Admission

Serving the Whole Person


Bachelors of Theology

Admission requirements for BTh regular and summer candidates:

Completion of grade 12 (former educaton policy) with a passing mark in ESLCE GPA 2.0  including mathematics and English “C” and above

Completion of Preparatory class with minimum private college/university entrance requirement of the completion year.

Church recommendation


Summer Studnets

Summer Programs

  1. BTh Summer Program for five year study
  2. MA Summer Program for four year study. with the same admission requirements for the regular basis.




3.1 July 8, 2019/20 BTh new intake crash course begins.

July 8, 2019/20 BTh summer regular class begins.

August 6/2019: Entrance Exam for BTh Candidates.

  August 7/2019: Oral interview

  August 13-16/2019: MA & PGD new intake entrance exam.


Mekane Yesus Seminary campus life

Campus life at Mekane Yesus Seminary is centered around spiritual formation and academic excellence. The seminary places a strong emphasis on nurturing students' faith and helping them develop a deep understanding of Christian theology. Chapel services, prayer meetings, and Bible studies are regular features of campus life, providing opportunities for worship, reflection, and spiritual growth.

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