The former Ethiopian Evangelical College (EEC) at Debrezeit/Bishoftu was established in 1949 on the area of 34,770 sq. meters provided by the government. The college was among the best colleges in Ethiopia, delivering a High School education program (grade 9-12) and teachers training program at college level until its confiscation by Communist Derge Regime in 1984. It was a boarding school accommodating over 150 students coming from different parts of the country through synods. After a lot of hard work by successive leaders of the church, the compound together with its facilities was returned to the church in 2011.

The church’s 7th Council had decided and endorsed to re-arrange the compound and its premises to deliver education for the public at large. In the meantime, the idea of establishing Mekane Yesus University (a church-affiliated institution of higher learning) was born of the EECMY’s desire to expand the impact of the church’s commitment to serve the public at arge. The conceived vision was brought to the attention of the 16th General Assembly. The Assembly thoroughly discussed the matter and decided that MY-MLC should grow to MYU by adding more disciplines and upgrading its programs gradually to Master and Doctorate levels both at Mekanisa and Bishoftu campuses.

Bishoftu campus has secured accreditation from pertinent the government body to launch higher education at Bachelor’s degree level in Accounting & Finance and Management fields of study as of October of 2018. In addition, the campus provides a tutorial service for high school students known as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Academy where we provide tutorial service in STEM fields for more than 60 students per year. The campus also provides a one-year leadership training program for women known as Women Institute and Center (WIAC) working with the women’s ministry department of the Ethiopian Evangelical Church Mekane Yesus (EECMY). Currently, work is in progress to begin Technical and Vocational Educational Training (TVET) programs during academic year 2020/2021.


The vision of MY-MLC is to become a nationally renowned center of academic excellence and emerging as a university by 2030.


MY-MLC is committed to produce ethical and competent graduates with entrepreneurial mindsets, undertake problem solving research, disseminate knowledge, and provide demand-driven transformative community services.

Degree Programs

The College currently offers higher education programs accredited by the Federal Ministry of Education at undergraduate level.

Undergraduate Programs (Regular & Evening)

The College offers undergraduate programs both as regular programs and extension programs. The undergraduate programs offered are the following:

  • Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and Finance
  • Bachelor of Arts in Management.
Admission Requirements
  • Admission cut-off points for students from high schools are determined annually by the Federal Ministry of Education.
  • For TVET (Level IV) graduates, admission is depending upon passing an assessment by the regional Centre of Competence (COC), possessing one year of post-graduation work experience, and passing the university entrance examination conducted by the College, following guidelines set by the Ministry of Education (MoE).
  • Foreign students must adhere to the guidelines outlined in the College handbook, including providing a Letter of Equivalence from the FDRE Education and Training Authority (ETA).
Duration of Studies

The Bachelor of Arts Degree programs have a standard duration of four years, or eight semesters for regular programs. For students enrolled in the extension program, the study period spans fifteen semesters, equivalent to five years.


MY-MLC boasts a highly qualified and experienced professional and administrative staff. This team is deeply committed to the mission of elevating the College into a center of academic excellence, fostering an environment where both students and staff can grow and learn on both professional and personal levels. The College is under the leadership of a Dean, responsible for overall management, leadership, and development. Department heads, elected from the faculty members, operate under the supervision of the Dean.

Campus Dean

Mr. Rebuma Kebede

Tel: +251937239596/+251917117281


Campus Resources Management/Administration

Mr. Temesgen Mekonnen

Tel: +251922990350


Campus Head Registrar

Mrs. Lensa Takle

Tel: 0937239797/ 0911008369



Bishoftu Town, Evangelical Compound



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