MYS- CoTS Department of Missiology

Missiology is an academic discipline with unique and multidisciplinary natures which primarily studies about God’s mission (missio Dei). As a unique academic discipline, Missiology must give particular attention to the origin of the mission (that is God Himself) and should be able to propose specific methods corresponding to different contexts so that the church can properly carry out the missions that God entrusted to her (John 20:21–23). In this regard, Missiology is a discipline that deals with the study of theories and practices related to how the Word (God’s) is proclaimed in the world (cosmos).

Missiology as a multidisciplinary subject also contends that all theological courses must prove that their content is missional and that they must share in its passion for promoting the missio Dei. At the same time to formulate its theology (Theology of Mission) and its approach to diverse contexts (Mission Strategy) Missiology utilizes almost all the resources from other theological courses and some social science areas as well. In doing so, Missiology presents the biblical foundations of missions, the theology of missions, and the history of missions, along with specific subject matters with different titles that align with the basic categories under the discipline, and which serve to accomplish its main objective.

Common Courses for all MA Divisions
No Course Title Credit Hour
1 Research Methods and Academic writing 3
2 Research Methods and Academic writing 3
3 Advanced Christian Education 4
4 Issues in Christian Ethics in Context 3
5 Issues in Ecclesiology 4
6 Theology and Practice of EECMY 3
7 Contemporary Religious and Worship Context 4
  Total 24
Missiology Division
No    Course Title CH
2 Missio Dei 3
3 Mission in Old and New Testaments 4
4 Mission and Cross-cultural Communication 4
5 History of Missions and Missiology Today 4
6 Worldview and Living Religions 4
7 Cultural Anthropology and Christianity 3
8 Mission in African Context 3
9 Evangelism and Church Planting in Context 3
10 MA Thesis (18,000 - 20,000 words) 10
                                                     Total 38
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