Master of Theology Program

Master of Theology

Mekane Yesus Seminary (MYS) has launched Master of Theology (MTh) program in 2021 and is preparing to launch the doctorate degree in theology program in June 2024. The MYS is dedicated to educate and equip theologically, biblically, and intellectually skilled leaders, ministers, and teachers for the EECMY and beyond. In order to effectively advance this, it has launched a Master of Theology (MTh) program in 2021 and is striving to advance the students’ knowledge through different disciplines and fields of concentration. The admission requirement for the MTh is composed mainly of two elements:

First, applicants shall be the graduates of Master of Arts (MA) in Theology with minimum of 3.3 GPA from accredited theological institution. In the case of credentials gained from non-ACTEA accredited academic systems of theological institutions, the applicants shall provide evidence of equivalent credential standing, with reference to the ACTEA accredited credentials, evaluated and approved by credential evaluation and approval body or institution.

Second, applicants are expected to have English language capacity to overcome the challenges of the MTh program effectively. Therefore, it is essential that the MTh applicants have a very good command of both spoken and written English.

Applicants who fulfill these requirements, shall be asked to submit sending church’s endorsement, financial guarantee letters (pertaining document from sponsoring body), and academic reference letters from their previous institutions’ faculty which may attest and recommend the applicant’s academic competence to pursue the program sought.

Mode and duration of the MTh study contains both the full-time and part-time modes of study. Full-time study shall be completed in one and a half year and part-time study shall be completed in three years. Applicants can apply for either of them.

For any further enquiry, please contact the MYS through these contact numbers 0911693347; 0911634337; 0923567546; 0924481059 and 0917821573

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