Film & Media Studies

BA degree in Film and Media Studies

The program awards a three-year Bachelor of Arts Degree in Film and Media Studies and is designed to equip candidates with advanced media skills in modern technologies. Our program also prepares candidates to become professional media experts in and out of the church environment through integrated theological courses that are uniquely designed for the Christian church today with highly qualified professional independent filmmakers and instructors.

Admission Requirements: –

  • ESLCE results according to the government policy.

Each year, following the release of the ESLC results, the Education Minister’s office announces the admission points for private colleges. Students are required to meet the minimum points specified for that particular year to be eligible for admission.

  • Church recommendation

A church recommendation letter is typically a formal letter written by a church leader or a member of the congregation on behalf of a student who is a member and actively serving in that church. The purpose of such a letter is to provide information about the student’s character, involvement in the church community, and any relevant contributions they have made.


Certificate in Film and Media Studies

Admission Requirements: –

Preferred to be 8th grade and above,

Duration of the Studies:

One year

This program is offered for two semesters.

  • This are the Program we offer: Film and Media Studies Program in BA level (three years )
                                                             Evening Program (Six month)
                                                             Summer Program (two months)
                                                             Audit Courses ( for One Semester)
                                                             Short Term Training
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