Systematic Theology Program

The discipline of systematic theology explores the doctrinal content of the Christian faith through detailed study of selected major themes and topics. As Christian theology is rooted in the Scriptures of Judeo-Christian traditions, Systematic Theology also aims at careful interpretation and understanding of Biblical text in the full context of God's self-revelation. It also draws on historical theological study in order to fully understand the Churches creeds and confessions so that the Gospel may be believed, confesses, taught, and lived today.

Common Courses for all MA Divisions
No Course Title Credit Hour
1 Research Methods and Academic writing 3
2 Research Methods and Academic writing 3
3 Advanced Christian Education 4
4 Issues in Christian Ethics in Context 3
5 Issues in Ecclesiology 4
6 Theology and Practice of EECMY 3
7 Contemporary Religious and Worship Context 4
  Total 24
Systematic Division
No    Course Title    CH
1 Themes in Christology 4
2 Issues in Pneumatology 4
3 Foundation of Systematic Theology 4
4 History of Medieval and Reformation Theology 4
5 Modern and Contemporary Theological Devt. 3
6  Theology of Mission in a Global Context 3
7 Contemporary African Theological Developments 3
8 Theology and Practice of Holy Sacraments 3
9 MA Thesis (18,000 - 20,000 words) 10
                                           Total 38
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