Christian-Muslim Relation (CMR) Studies

MYS- CoTS Department of CMR

The CMR program is a missiological discipline that prepares evangelists, pastors, and teachers to specialize in the field of Christian Muslim Relations (CMR). The CMR program aims to equip church leaders for effective witness of the Gospel of Jesus Christ among Muslims in Ethiopia and beyond. Hence, it strives to offer an in-depth understanding of Islam in its Ethiopian, African, and Global contexts, in the way that it helps to engage in peaceful dialogue between Christian and Muslim communities and respond to theological questions raised by Muslim scholars and friends. The MYS- CoTS CMR program is offered both at the B.Th. and MA levels.

Common Courses for all MA Divisions
No Course Title Credit Hour
1 Research Methods and Academic writing 3
2 Research Methods and Academic writing 3
3 Advanced Christian Education 4
4 Issues in Christian Ethics in Context 3
5 Issues in Ecclesiology 4
6 Theology and Practice of EECMY 3
7 Contemporary Religious and Worship Context 4
  Total 24
CMR Division
No    Course Title CH
1 History of Missions and Missiology Today 3
2 Mission and Cross-Cultural Communication 3
3  Introduction to Islam 4
4 History of CMR (Globally and in the African Context) 3
5 Islamic Thought and Practice:  Theology and Shari’a 4
6  Bible and Qur’an 4
7 Witness and Dialogue:  Islamic Da’wa and Christian Mission 4
8 Contemporary  CMR 3
9 MA Thesis (18,000 - 20,000 words) 10
                                                     Total 38
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